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.....In the beginning, there was darkness, and sorrow.

And from the darkness of the void came the Maker. He saw the dead world, floating in the void, and decided to give it life once more. He parted the darkness, and brought forth light from the void, which bathed the dead world, and brought forth new life from it.

Then he brought forth his children from the void, and charged them with the task of watching over the new world, to nurture it and make the new life thrive until he returned once more. Then, he left once more, back into the void, leaving his children to watch over us all.

-- From the Visions of Vista the Seer


World Moon This section contains information about Aerth as a world - Its geography, landmasses, calendar, and moons are all found here as well as its astronomy and solar system.
Maps Moon Here are to be found the maps of Aerth. There is a large scale area map with clickable sections that lead to smaller area maps, and descriptions of each area. (Map pages are best viewed at 800x600) There are also descriptions of geographic areas, cities, and nations, with climate and weather information and travel distances and times.
People Moon The various peoples of Aerth are to be found here. Each race has its own unique history, gods, society, and legends. Everything from dwarves to elves to lizardmen to dragons can be found here, along with descriptions of some of Aerth's more notable characters.
Gods Moon The gods of Aerth's pantheon are to be found here. Descriptions of each deity, their beliefs and sphere of influence, and the rules their followers must adhere to is here.
Legends Moon Aerth has its share of legendary stories and myths. Its own history, as seen through the eyes of different cultures with different ideas. Read about some of those legends of the past, while new ones are born.
Creator Moon Learn more about the author of Aerth, as well as links, file archives, MP3s, and other things of interest here.
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