Anthrax is the god of death, decay, and disease. While Anthrax himself is an evil god, and most of his followers and deeds are thought of as evil, people of all alignments follow him, even those who are good. His clerics are the bringers of disease and death, which, while often a bad thing, is sometimes done to help relieve suffering rather than prolong it. Those clerics of good alignment use their powers to help end suffering as they may by releasing those who suffer to the peace of death. Those of evil alignment often use their powers to create chaos and suffering, and often to gain monetary reward. As a major deity, he may grant spells of any level to his followers. His holy symbol is a skull and crossbones.

Clerics of Anthrax receive the ability to cause disease (as the spell) once per week per level of experience they have attained.

Because Anthrax is a bringer of death and disease, his followers may not use spells which heal others in the form of physical damage. They must use all healing spells in reversed form only. The following spells are unusable. (Those which are usable but restricted will be explained in parentheses):




Cure Light Wounds


Cure Disease, Death's Door
4 Cure Serious Wounds, Imbue With Spell Ability (Will not work on Good characters), Neutralize Poison
5 Cure Critical Wounds, Raise Dead
6 Heal, Heroes' Feast
7 Regenerate, Restoration, Resurrection

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