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This is me, Laurie Brown, also known as the Mistress of Aerth, sysop of the former Realms of Aerth BBS. The Realms of Aerth was formerly Rochester, NY's largest and oldest BBS devoted to role-playing games (RPGs) of all types, in operation from 1984 till 1996. It moved to Roanoke, VA, but was subsequently taken down after a fatal hard drive crash. Check out my new webcams! The living room here, and my computer room or the kitchen here!

I've been a fan of RPGs, and AD&D in particular, for over 15 years, most of that having been spent as a DM, or GM, or whatever term you prefer. The gameworld of Aerth is the evolving fruit of all that time and creative energy.

I escaped from Rochester, NY, and now reside in Roanoke, VA. Other than RPGs, my interests include tennis, swimming, biking, reading/writing fantasy and science fiction, programming, and cars. I am an A+ certified computer technician, with ten years experience in installing and repairing computers and laser printers. I'm also an experienced web designer and internet technician, and own my own business. If you or someone you know could use my skills, take a look at my consulting page.


Links to some other interesting places can be found here.

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My file archives are here. These are RPG files that used to be in the download areas on my BBS.

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This is my MP3 trading list.

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