Dhude is the god of the Valley Elves. Also considered a sun god, his followers are mainly Valley Elves and those who love the sun and surf of the beach. He teaches the simplicity of enjoying life, of living and letting live, of taking from the land what is needed and giving back. He teaches pacifisim in that his followers are never first to attack, but they WILL defend themselves if necessary. As a major deity, he may grant spells of any level to his followers. His holy symbol is a sun.

Clerics of Dhude receive resistance to heat and fire attacks (+2 save vs. such attacks, -2 damager per die). They are also excellent swimmers, and may even swim while wearing non-metal armor without penalty.

Dhude's clerics may not use any cold-based spells. The following spells are unusable. (Those which are usable but restricted will be explained in parentheses):




Endure Cold, Resist Cold


Control Weather (May not make snow or cold weather)

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