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Home Moon This page includes information about Aerth's pantheon. Below is a chart with brief information about each deity. Click on the Symbols to get more detailed information.

(Any help locating more pictures to fill out the symbols on the chart would be greatly appreciated.)

Deity Type





Major Raspar L/G Honor, Truth, Goodness Raspar
Major Shanee N/G Language, Communication, Knowledge, Learning Shanee
Major Dalen C/G Nature, Squirrels
Major Dun Durgan L/N Hill Dwarves
Major Ishtar N Wisdom, The Balance Ishtar
Major Dhude C/N Valley Elves Dhude
Major Anthrax L/E Death, Decay, Disease Anthrax
Major Drathnor N/E Evil, Night, Darkness, Wolves
Major Lolth C/E Drow Elves, Spiders Lolth
Minor Akar N Water, The Sea
Minor Dramen C/N Air, Sky, Clouds
Minor Darg L/N Earth, Farming
Minor Bruin N Fire, Forge, Volcanoes
Minor Rahl C/N Luck, Chaos
Minor Kiil N War, Battle
Minor Shawna C/G Love, Peace Shawna

In the descriptions given of each deity, you will find no physical descriptions of the god, nor any statistics as far as armor class, hit points, spells or weapons, etc. This is because the gods rarely appear in physical form to mortals, and do not engage in combat with mortals.