Lolth is the goddess of spiders and deceit. Her followers are almost exclusively Drow Elves, and all female. Lolth will accept no males as priests. She teaches that the Drow people are superior to all others, and will one day conquer the world. Her followers use lies, seduction, and murder to get what they want. They are very rarely seen anywhere on the surface, outside the safety of the Drow city of Shir-Ka. As a major deity, she may grant spells of any level to her followers. Her holy symbol is a black spider.

Clerics of Lolth may receive a companion spider of random size. The chance of this is 5% per level, checked once as each level is attained. Not all clerics WANT a companion spider, and it is not necessary to have one, but many use their companion spiders for spying on their rivals.

Lolth's followers have only one spell restriction, and that where poison is concerned:




Neutralize Poison (May only use reversed)

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