Raspar is the god of truth, honor, goodness, and justice. His followers are the pure of heart, mainly Paladins. He also teaches the destruction of Evil wherever it may be found, and protecting the weak and upholding the law. As a major deity, he may grant spells of any level to his followers. His holy symbol is a golden crown.

Clerics of Raspar who are faithful may receive an animal companion similar to a wizard's familiar. Paladins may also receive this companion. The chance of gaining such a companion is 5% per level, checked once as each level is attained. The animal companion thus gained is usually a dog, cat, bird, or horse. (Paladins often obtain their Warhorse this way.) The animal will remain with the cleric or Paladin and be loyal to him as long as he is faithful to Raspar. If the cleric or Paladin turns away from Raspar, the animal will leave, and another may never be gained.

Because Raspar teaches of goodness and mercy, his followers may not use spells which cause harm to others in the form of physical damage, or commit other acts deemed evil. The following spells are unusable. (Those which are usable but restricted will be explained in parentheses):




Cause Light Wounds, Magic Stone


Dust Devil, Spiritual Hammer
3 Animate Dead, Cause Disease, Glyph Of Warding (May be used to paralyze or blind only), Bestow Curse (May not cause hp damage)
4 Cause Serious Wounds, Untetectable Lie, Imbue With Spell Ability (Will not work on Evil characters), Poison, Spike Growth, Sticks To Snakes (May use the reverse)
5 Animate Dead Monsters, Cause Critical Wounds, Flame Strike, Golem, Insect Plague, Rainbow (May not use Bow form), Slay Living, Spike Stones
6 Animate Object, Blade Barrier, Conjure Animals (Conjured animals will NOT attack, but may serve as guides, scouts, steeds, or interpose themselves between the caster and an enemy), Forbiddance, Harm
7 Control Weather (May not create hail, lightning, or any effect causing damage), Earthquake, Exaction, Gate, Energy Drain, Destroy

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