Shanee is the goddess of knowledge, learning, language, and communication. Her followers are scholars, wizards, sages, and all seekers of knowledge. All of her clerics are literate, usually in several languages. She teaches that the seeking and gaining of new knowledge, of learning new things, is the most important part of life. Although she is a goddess of Good, people of all alignments follow her. As a major deity, she may grant spells of any level to her followers. Her holy symbol is an open book.

Clerics of Shanee receive one extra language for each point of Intelligence they possess, above and beyond any languages normally received by virtue of race. This replaces the extra languages table in the Player's Handbook. The languages may all be chosen when the character is created, or the character may learn them later on.

Shanee places no restrictions upon her followers' spells, but all spells dealing with communication are at double normal duration, with saving throws made at -2 by their targets where applicable. The following spells function with doubled duration and -2 saves:


Special Bonus


Enthrall, Speak With Animals


Speak With Dead
4 Detect Lie, Speak With Plants, Tongues
6 Speak With Monsters, Stone Tell

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