Shawna is the goddess of love and kindness. Her followers are Vally Elves and peace-loving folk of all kinds. At one time she was the goddess of the Faerie, before they died out. As a minor deity, she may only grant spells up to 4th level to her followers, with certain exceptions. Her holy symbol is a heart.

Clerics of Shawna receive the ability to Charm Person (as the spell) once per day. They may charm up to one person for every level they have attained. A 10th level cleric could charm a group of up to 10 people. The charm will last for one turn (10 minutes) per level of the cleric.

Because Shawna preaches love and peace, her clerics may not cast spells causing harm to others.Certain spells dealing with emotions or charms work at double normal duration, with saves against them made at -2 by their targets. Also, because she is a minor deity, she may only grant a limited number of spells above 5th level. These are listed below: 




Cure Light Wounds (May not reverse), Magic Stone, Regenerate Light Wounds (May not reverse)
2 Dust Devil, Spiritual Hammer, Wyvern Watch
3 Animate Dead, Automaton, Cure Blindness (May not reverse), Cure Disease (May not reverse), Glyph Of Warding, Holy Flail, Remove Curse (May not reverse)
4 Cure Serious Wounds (May not reverse), Meteors, Neutralize Poison (May not reverse), Plague, Regenerate Serious Wounds (May not reverse), Smiting, Sunburst (Will affect undead only)


Level Double Duration (Save at -2 where applicable)
1 Empathy, Remove Fear
2 Detect Charm, Enthrall, Snake Charm, Speak With Animals


Level Spells above 4th level granted
5 Atonement, Blood Brothers, Commune, Cure Critical Wounds, Dispel Evil
6 Conjure Animals, Heal, Speak With Monsters
7 Regenerative Heal, Restoration, Resurrection

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